Thursday, 24 February 2011

Glimpse my final show!

So my work is finally up, it's in the studio for marking, you can see from the picture below that it's in the middle of a busy studio full of final years!
The date that it will go into public view is still unknown, but the latest now is that it will go with the undergrad shows in the summer, which is better because more people go to that!

Bit blurred!

I like the shadow on the wall that follows straight into the shadow in the far right picture on the floor. Delicious!

At this point I'd still left some of the labels on above the pieces on the wall!

Me blurb!

Credits!! Can't forget them!

I attempt to do a drawing and piece of writing a day, and much of it fuels my work! It's completely random, or reflective on the day! But some of the stuff I come out with!

"And the palms held out and said come and praise. Explicitly they bared all and said their peace. I hummed all the way back to the river boat, to dora dora johnson and the ethiopian man"

I love reading that back!

To complement the presentation, I put up some of the technical drawings and sketches from development. Here is Adrien in process!

Le Collection!

Here I put down a black and white picture that I took on my jollies last year, its the shadows of some greenery gracing the black stones of Weybourne station, a place I completely love.

This picture is features twice. because it just has to be! With the lace running down the left (see above) it has a touch of religion about it! Yes. It's Iconic.

Another interesting piece of writing, hidden in the presentation by the ribbons, but the writing is scary but fantastic and it speaks of the madman!

"And the madman danced in time, laughing at the line made between me and you. He says we are fools. Only to be fed at set times. He tells me I'm an idiot and you, silly, but we are made for each other. You are not the kings of said wands, you are the king of gold."

Anyone wishing to interpret what I'm talking about cos I haven't got a clue!

Doodle of how I wanted an image to look!

"So what do you sat when a dagger is cast upon the screen and thrown from the bless'ed book on the shelf breathing down and blowing the stories in to the future and beyond the spiral stream avec pattern"

Some more writing!

'The Disguise of the Madman'

I have tried to upload a video too but it won't have any!

So I hope so far it looks good, I'm happy with it, for me the vinyl lettering just finished it off! 
The photographs are just so good I couldn't go ahead with my original plan! -that was to put all the images on the floor and more sketchbook images all around the main images, but they stood out so well on their own and after I laid it all out on the floor below, I really liked it like that, a bit like a studio. They really do say what I want to say about the collection I have made through an image! (something I've babbled on in my thesis about!) 

So a big thank you to Anthony Farrimond (Photographer extroadinaire), Ashley Sutcliffe (Model that would like some representation!) and Natalie Greenwell (- Make-up Artiste! Any links I can attach for Natalie??) for my photographs.  
Plus, if you're reading this and you want some killer images like mine, then I highly recommend everyone listed above!!

I'm now scurrying with my mum to clear out my room, so my website updating will have to hold on!
I hope this is ok!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Regained Thought

To follow on from the post on the 3rd December and complete the laser issues I was experiencing, I left off having received a quote for my files to be cut that was rather shocking and still is! 

I went on to get another quote from a company in Nottingham who, although apologetic about it being a tall price, actually quoted a decent mid price compared to the first company. I thanked them and I will bare them in mind for future crisis!

The mirrored acrylic arrived as a normal delivery but the rest of the Perspex from another company took it's time but the company was really good in keeping me informed on the order. The matt black was the cause to the hold up and I spoke to someone who checked my order and that the black was in that day and they made sure it was 'on the van' for delivery tomorrow. Sure enough it arrived sometime before 8 the next morning. I'd call that impeccable!

But Fred Aldous really saved the day. I called Paul Walker (who deals with the laser cutter) and he told me that he was quite busy helping on the shop floor on the run up to christmas but if I dropped my materials and files off with him, he would cut them when he could. He did this and was a complete star for doing so. It cost a FRACTION of the first company-- I should name and completely shame really!

In between all of this, I was getting down great chunks of my thesis and presentation, some waiting for a photo shoot to take place was needed to really finish the two.

Once the pieces were cut I collected them... a big Thank You to Paul again for helping me out! I went home and put them together. Paul recommended using surgical spirit to clean the pieces and bring them up all new! Each piece did, as he said, come up all bright and shiny except the mirrored pieces that reacted. They have developed small cracks in the surface of them meaning they are purely samples now, but I need to sort this out as a good buff of them just doesn't work!

I'm going to put the surgical spirit onto the cotton pad and let it dry up then buff away and see what happens. If that doesn't work then I'm going to raid the cleaning section of the ASDA and test each solution! 

Each piece was sent to cut at least twice and it was a good job too. some of the pieces have tiny faults in them, from faint engraved areas to patches of a complete cut instead of engrave but these are minor and could be sold off as sample, seconds. Only one piece completely faulted and won't feature in the final collection, which is a shame because it's VERY nice! But the collection is very good and can still work! 

I returned to the shop were I had bought the shoulder pads for the test pieces in the summer and they no longer sold them, so I went to the local haberdashery in Wakefield...HABIKNIT! and they sold a nice range of just what I wanted, in white AND black, which was perfect.

I started on the shoulder pieces as they were the longest to make, but the trial run was so useful on something so complicated and I referred to it throughout. The finish on the inside seams are much better and covered by the fabulous feather, which was difficult to stitch because of the glue in the ribbon, but I'd had experience of this sort of thing before, so it's pliers at the ready and a clean of the needle every so many stitches!

By this time though, everything was going downhill, I'd caught the cold and it got progressively worse. I spent a week making pieces slower and slower, in a raging temperature and barely anything to eat, with the terrible cough that kept me from sleeping easily. On new years eve, the state of affairs went from bad to worse, even though I had just finally completed every piece, I was now behind where I wanted to be. My temperature raised as normal in the evening then after I sat down, it unusually raised one more degree which put me in bed and marked the turning point of the bug into flu. 

Alongside flu, came a chest infection- both bad but I'm tempted to say the chest infection was quite simply the most vicious thing I've ever come across. I was floored for over a week and a slow recovery began. 

I had to forget every part of my work, I couldn't think of it, I didn't think of much, just slept a lot. I was fairly incapable of doing anything, at one point, I couldn't lift the glass of water a foot from my hand. My photo shoot was abandoned and any hope of finishing the MA when I should have went completely although I was in some kind of denial for a bit.

By mid January, I was able to get up from the sofa but not much else, I felt quite low in myself for a couple of days. I realised that I needed to think about my work and so I placed it back up on the horizon as a gleaming light to head towards, this instantly made me more chirpier, although I wasn't well enough to get everything out and finish. But towards the end of January I was well enough to get back up and get working again, not well enough to go out and do a shift at work or for a casual shop but enough to get my work moving again at a steady simple pace.

The morning the photo shoot was cancelled, I felt so ill- and had thought about it so much whilst overheating with flu that I couldn't bare to re organise it in the uni studio. I seriously thought about getting a photographer to help me. I did.
in a few days covering a week or so, that was busy, stressful but probably the most rewarding I had ever experienced, I pulled it together- model, photographer and studio.

(Big Thank You to go to, Anthony Farrimond le photographer extroadinaire, Ashley Sutcliffe- Model in the making and Natalie Greenfield- Make up artiste of the day!)

And I'm now on the verge of finishing my MA. I'm stressed but happy. Flu seems to have proven to be a blessing. I would have ended feeling very down and what I remember of those days are very black indeed. Now, however, it all feels so bright and sunny and refreshing.

This is probably my final post here as a student and after I've finished some changes will be occurring!

This blog will have a small shake up to be rid of the student marks, and fill it up with a bit of luck, full of exciting things.

Au revoir!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Magazines and Blogs

I check out quite a few magazines and blogs, some I come across by accident through my tumblr blog, others I go and visit expecially, some I buy occasionally, others I read week in week out!
They all play a part in what I take in creatively and all the one's I've written out here are a bit of a dream list for my work to appear in. I have more that I check over from time to time but I have so many places bookmarked it's impossible to just put my mouse cursor over them! I must re organise my bookmarks!
All hail a press pack...Hello Business Mine!

The Cut Newspaper
Comepletely made my under 21 year olds, this is a fun, fresh and fashionable magazine, covering everything that's of the moment, music to style!

Dazed Digital and Dazed Magazine
Not just a fashion magazine. Covers art, music, fashion. I love this magazine even though I don't read it often, I love how it is so respectful to all the creative areas, I find that some magazines take the view of 'fashion is the only way'. 

Amelia's Magazine
Though not as highly styled or as powerful as Dazed, Amelia's magazine is another  place that loves everything creative.

I'm not very informed on Supersweet but I like them, they seem to like new things and interesting creative areas! I think they are a shop too!

Urban Outfitters blog
I used to be attached to this at one point in my life, not so much now but it's still brilliant. It does appreciate everything including crafts.

The Cool Hunter and Cool Hunting
Two separate but wide ranging blogs that show the best of what's out there across multiple disciplines.

I love this blog. Again appreciative of everything but has a heavy focus on fashion and is particularly drawn to upcoming designers fresh from college! They like to keep you up to date with the fashion weeks and post some of the best fashion shoots. 

Style Bubble
A very well known blog covering fashion.

Drama Magazine
I love this magazine, it has some amazing images inside full of fresh and known fashion on known and unknown talent. Beautifully styled but it doesn't seem to be around very much lately. It's made only three very good magazines.

Aimed at the fresh and funky youth, imported and widely available in the UK, it is predominantly US based. Almost like a younger, playful Dazed.

Just too much good stuff. The very best of fashion. It knows who's the best and who to look to.

Brilliant, also. Fashion, plenty of reading too.

If you need to find something out about mainstream fashion then I go here. If I can get my hands on a Vogue Italia then I'm very pleased, they are the best of the Vogues.

Broadsheet supplementary magazines such as the Telegraph Magazine are read weekly, picking up on all areas of creative industries with reading material to boot. Fashion areas are completely up to date.


Concept Stores

DARKROOM- A store that is more a curated gallery than a stocked shop! Open to new designers although it appears that your work has to fit with the current exhibition themes and tones.

MACHINE A- This is a shop that is so conceptual that I believe you have to book an appointment to visit. Stocking edgy fashion but displayed in innovative ways. Perhaps too edgy for me and appears to cover clothing bases than jewellery or accessories.


KABIRI- The number one stockist I'd love too see my work in. I think it would fit too, in look, style and price.
Based in three London locations, including Covent Garden and a concessions counter in Selfridges, they have plenty of publicity and my target audience shops here! Also plenty of stylists and fashion editors make selections from here. If I'm going to approach Kabiri, I need to make sure I know what I'm doing; meetings with the business mine are a must to help this.


NOT JUST A LABEL- Quite a well known site, good for new designers, press etc. But it's just so big, it's too easy to get lost in. For me anyway, and in some respect, I have to feel happy. Although, there's no escaping the names you find on there. Started up by the stylist Camilla Turner in 2009, it's on the hunt for new jewellery designers to put alongside other new designers. The positive is that it is run by a stylist who has immediate knowledge of your work, rather than waiting for passing traffic in alternative shops.


PAPER SCISSORS STONE- Based in Leeds, it's another shop that brings together brilliant designers, new and established. It has a strength in pulling a wide selection of creative media together.

POLLYANNA- A rare shop, found in Barnsley, hugely established with worldwide links. The designers stocked are completely high end and it would be good to gauge interest in a local designer!

HERVIA BAZAAR- A fabulous, shop in Manchester, centrally located yet off the beaten track which adds to the glamour I think. Stocks a variety of established and new, it's that edgy fashion scene up north.

KUJI- A quirky easily priced shop in Sheffield, already stocking laser cut jewellery, and, similar to Paper Scissors Stone, stocks a nice mix of media with names I wouldn't be ashamed to be stocked by but possibly a bit too relaxed?

COW- Cow Vintage, based in Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester, is a fresh take on the vintage shop, with clean surroundings and an acceptance of new jewellery, already stocking the likes of Tatty Divine. Definitely a different option to many listed here, but I need to be aware of these places!

Fashion although online, now appears to have a shop in Shoreditch, prime audience stomping ground. Full of exciting designers gaining notoriety in top end fashion magazines. They, like many of the shops I've cherry picked, like to find and help out new designers, again, a must for me to look at.

BEYOND THE VALLEY- Although sold as a concept store, it's more commercial online. A runner up in the Telegraph Independent Shop Awards recently, this is a fun shop, visited by what looks to be a good audience, stocking a nice selection of price points,  variety of designers as well as being a place for new designers to start. I believe it also has an exhibition space too!

KOKON TO ZAI- An odd one, KTZ is giving off confusing vapours, I read somewhere- I can't remember where- that they stocked new designers and a variety but this doesn't seem to be the case on their site, or from other sources. If they do stock other designers, then it would be a great place to be but I don't think my work is THAT edgy enough yet!

Labour of Love- London based boutique with much the same aim as the rest, to provide a start and place for designers to get to the public.

Hoxton Boutique- I can only find reference to these online, and they have not much in way of price point to show, but from what I've seen, it, like KTZ, is worth the look!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Are moving on.
My chain supplies have come though with some unexpected changes to be made regards stuff I already had samples of but has now changed! and one item isn't as was shown but I think I can use it for something! Or maybe, as I'm sat here with it draped round my neck, I could use it. It is nice.

I also need to order some more chain to cover the stuff that  has changed (it kinks so badly and isn't smooth like what I already have, just not good enough for a product of mine!)

The mirror plastic is on it's way out.

Don't know where the rest of it is but I know there was a couple of things out of stock.

VV Rouleaux was on the phone yesterday because the black feather I ordered is out of stock and can't get hold of it so asked if I wanted a replacement which I ok'd and it arrived THIS MORNING!! It's beautiful too, better than what I'd ordered I think! It's going to look so nice.

I sent my files off for a quote and what they quoted me made me nearly fall off my chair. I've sent out for other quotes, particularly from Fred Aldous- wanting to know how long it'll take to cut them.

Friday, 26 November 2010


It all went in for the trial run and the technician emailed me a few days later to say the file was far too detailed that A. it would ruin the card and B. it was crashing the computer when he loaded it.

Fair enough. I'd half expected it.

So I simplify the files down, stripping lines of detail out of the more detailed pieces. A second look at them made me realise it was right.

I had an email on Wednesday to say they were ready and I headed to collect them.

I'd say half the files had successfully cut.
Some of the lines had shown up grey and hadn't cut (assigned colours in Ethos??????)
Some of the finer pieces has jumped around after their cut so when the laser returned for more detail it lasered the wrong area.

And generally the card was fairly butchered.

He explained that as the laser cut the card bowed upwards so he had to set the focus as a mid point to account for this. Fair play (I remember the textile technician told us to set it at the highest point of the material but nevermind)

What do I do?

I looked on the mountboard I had cut in the summer, beautiful clean lines. I looked at the detail in the previous semi successful acrylic cuts, I look at the fine detail the guy at Fred Aldous achieved.

A lot more thought went on but I can't write it here!

I'm in the frame of mind to pull the collection out -which I have on paper. Lay it out. Add two more to cover my back and send it off. Whichever is cheapest- Fred or the cutting joint I found. Fred appeals because I can keep and eye on what's going on. The cutting place because they are a business who have to do it right.

The acrylic will be ordered. As will a bulk job of chain (I have started marking out precisely how much I need but have run out of time when the card came back)

The final pieces will be sent off.
My will has worn too thin.

The card pieces are handy though to have a real time idea. I know already some pieces need instantly enlarging.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

How very original.

During this year I have looked round for some laser cut jewellery designers and found some...SOME.

Tatty Devine are obvious ones.
Then Holly Fulton had some lovely additions to her fashion collection.
I found a small group on Etsy.
Merle O' Grady goes for the diamante encrusted chandelier jewellery.
There's Blac, based in Manchester
And if you head into Affleck's Palace in Manchester you are faced with a multitude of laser cut jewellery pieces at small prices but are basic.
Danika, based in the US.
Stolen Thunder and Titi Madam who infiltrate JOY stores.
Candace Ang who did some work for Margarite Saplala.
Rebecca Boatfield
Vice and Vanity
Corrie Williamson
Little Shilpa

And there's another but I can't remember her short name!
I thought I only knew of a handful!

Anyway, I came across this little article...

Yes, that's 100 Laser cut jewellery designers!
And there's a link to the previous years 40 laser cut designers!

There's plenty to look at and be inspired by but not one is producing work like what I am designing which gives me a little boost!

Next job, find the UK based ones and find how much they sell for and stockists...Hmm yum.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Speaking of photos.

I need to get some inspiration together to show to whoever does or helps me with my photos! So in my bit of time I pulled together some images. The best thing is, the 'vision' is now pretty set and so it was easy to pull out the images I need, all of which were pulled from my blog!

The concept images will be in black and white, it suits the story to a T and black and white images have been glistening all over my Tumblr for a few months now!
So here we go. <accessed 17th November 2010>

This is a fantastic shoot in all and the two main things I may take from this photo are the hair and how he's holding a light, the front on shot and direction is also nice. It's a bit too dark for me, although there is some light bouncing off the sequinned shirt it's not enough for what would be my work. <accessed 17th November 2010>

I found an image of David Tennant from Drama Magazine a few months ago that was brilliant but too much for inspiration but this is similar with the idea of light and shadow. Possibly a tad dark as well but up close shots like the one below would look good in this format. <accessed 17th November 2010>

This is much more what I want layout wise. <accessed 17th November 2010>

Each photo except the top right is quite good, bottom left gives a break away from the standard 'person standing' shots I've picked so far! The lighting on the bottom right is pretty much spot on though. <accessed 17th November 2010>

This is the odd one out compared to the rest but I just can't let it go, it's more playful than the others and the lighting is great too. <accessed 19th November 2010> <accessed 19th November 2010>

The Matthew Miller images, probably what sparked the ideas in the beginning of the year. Pretty much what I want! <accessed 17th November 2010>

Lighting- Yes. Thoughts on adding the odd prop? I'm sure there'll be black flowers, maybe white ones- you won't see the detail, at least the white ones will come out grey. Again, nice difference from 'standing person'! <accessed 19th November 2010>

Another spot on photo. All I want to do is take out that model, put mine in and my jewellery and SNAP. <accessed 19th November 2010> <accessed 19th November 2010>

Two images to give the idea of the product photos I'm aiming for. Pretty simple and clean.

Slow and not steady but the radio's on.

On Monday I went to hand in the files to be cut but the laser cutter was broken. I could've signed up to use the textiles cutter but I lose the will to live everytime I go on there and would take up time, plus I don't know what the waiting list is so I called the product office the other day and it was fixed. I emailed over the files and am waiting on them to be done, there's a big graphics deadline putting my work to monday- fingers crossed!

Meanwhile what do I do? Well after five weeks of solid work knowing what I had to do everyday, I'm left a little unsettled, not knowing or undecided as to what to tackle next.

I did drop in at the photography studio and spoke to Jamie(?) and asked about usage. He had Monday 20th and January 3rd available and he could do the set up and lighting which I'd need help with!
Spoke to Ash and he's ok for both dates, just need to find a female to model now! I have an idea!

I've checked the acrylic, and what I'm going to use. And I've looked at all my websites of chain and am just about to choose what chain and what size jump rings I'll use and where.

I've found a site that sells jewellery boxes, plain black cardboard boxes with foam inside. I can have them with a foil logo on the front for an extra 10p per box which I am going to think about.

I've also narrowed down my business card. I took a day to sort it out and tweak it. I'd love to have it with spot finish or foiling but I can't afford it. I have five designs but are all based upon the same format. I think I'll go for a couple. I need to go to the shop and sort out the design spec for ordering.

I also need to think about my thesis. I'm going to pull out one of my old presentations and use it for a base.